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Saturday 16 July 2011

Session 5A: Experimentation in/and/or performance

  • Kathleen Coessens (moderator) with William Brooks, Juan Parra Cancino, Alessandro Cervino, Darla Crispin, Paulo de Assis, Anne Douglas, Catherine Laws, Stefan Östersjö & Luk Vaes Research performance, performing research: through the lens of experiementation (special session) (text; slides)
  • Anthony Gritten
    The problem with performing
  • Paulo de Assis
    Interpretation versus experimentation: exploring new paths in music performance

Session 5B: Learning/pedagogy

  • Kumaran Arul
    Aural modelling and performance pedagogy: theory and practice
  • Jane Ginsborg & Helen Prior
    First encounters of the musical kind: strategies for learning music (slides)
  • Renee Timmers, Makiko Sadakata & Peter Desain
    Creative strategies in the exploration of ornament performance with and without visual feedback on performance timing (slides)
  • Sophie Grimmer
    Creativity in perpetual motion: a perspective from South India (published in the CMPCP/PSN special issue of Music Performance Research)

Session 5C: Cross-cultural/multimedia performance

  • Lynda Paul
    Performing perfection: musical process in Cirque du Soleil’s Las Vegas shows
  • Valerie Ross
    Challenges faced by performers of cross-cultural music (text)

Session 5D: Jazz in history

  • Catherine Tackley
    Comparative analysis of two numbers from Benny Goodman’s 1938 Carnegie Hall concert
  • Andrew Blake
    Innovation in performance, or commercial category? The almost forgotten case of jazz-rock

Session 6A: The performer in performance

  • Leslie Anne Lewis
    The impact of shared leadership, memory and cognition on orchestral performance: the Britten Sinfonia as a case study
  • Mine Doğantan-Dack
    The art and science of research in live performance (published in the CMPCP/PSN special issue of Music Performance Research)
  • Darla Crispin
    Towards ethical coherence through creatively embodied musical performance
  • Helena Marinho & Sara Carvalho
    Ritual in the context of contemporary music performance (text)

Session 6B: Performance in/and history

  • Ingrid Pearson
    Orality and literacy: historical performance in the twenty-first century
  • Michael Callahan
    Plans, paths, and detours: an approach to long-range form in baroque keyboard improvisation (published in the CMPCP/PSN special issue of Music Performance Research)
  • David Chung
    Creativity in French keyboard music, 1650s-1770s
  • Anthony Rooley (with Evelyn Tubb)
    ALCHEMY IN PERFORMANCE: transFORMation and perFORMance

Session 6C: Ensemble performance

  • Amanda Bayley & Beth Elverdam
    Rehearsal analysis of Finnissy’s Third String Quartet (text 1; text 2; text 3)
  • Clemens Wollner
    Feeling with you: expressiveness and empathy in string quartet performance
  • Nancy November
    The string quartet and the ideal of ‘selfless’ performance
  • Elaine King
    The development of creative relationships in music ensembles (research report)