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Workshop 2: 11-12 November 2010

Global perspectives on the ‘orchestra’: Workshop 2

Collectivity, popularity, and history in the world of orchestras: Perspectives from India and Indonesia

University of London, 11-12 November 2010

Workshop timetable


The second workshop in ‘The Global perspectives on the “orchestra”‘ project took place in the University of London on 11-12 November 2010. Speakers from the UK, France, Netherlands, Denmark and USA contributed to the discussions. The workshop focused on Indian film orchestras and Indonesian gamelan with all participants (including those who did not formally present a paper) sharing insights from practice-based research perspectives and highlighting interconnections in the performing arts (music, dance, drama, film, ritual, art, architecture).

Issues discussed included:

  1. experiences of fieldwork in India and Indonesia
  2. Indian cinema and Indonesian gamelan in European contexts (Denmark, France, Netherlands, UK)
  3. the micro-dynamics of ensemble practice and transcription methods
  4. perspectives on the orchestra from the vantage points of the player, the composer, the audience, the researcher, the film-maker
  5. histories of Indian film orchestras and gamelans
  6. analysing Indian film music and film narrative
  7. analysing gamelan
  8. the interconnected histories of orchestras.