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CMPCP supported an international Performance Studies Network of professional and amateur musicians, scholars working in a range of musicological disciplines (including music history, analysis, psychology, pedagogy, ethnomusicology and composition), and colleagues from the creative industries. Modelled on the AHRC’s research networking scheme, the PSN attempted to create an increasingly inclusive and cohesive community of performance studies specialists and other interested parties, to promote musical and musicological debate, to enable the development of new and more diverse research activity, and to lay the foundation for continuing dialogue and cross-disciplinary engagement after CMPCP’s AHRC funding ended in 2014. The Performance Studies Network hosted the email forum PERF-STUD-NET and maintained the online PSN Resource Guide. It also held three international conferences at the University of Cambridge, in July 2011, April 2013 and July 2014. It has now moved to the Cambridge Centre for Musical Performance Studies (CMPS), which will continue to host it into the future.