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Sunday 7 April 2013

Session 7A: Making music together (CMPCP session)

  • Anthony Gritten
    A labour of trust: working (at) ensemble interaction
  • Floris Schuiling
    Composition, improvisation and practical creativity in the performance practice of the Instant Composers Pool (text)
  • Eric Clarke, Mark Doffman and Renee Timmers
    Creativity, collaboration and development in Jeremy Thurlow’s Ouija

Session 7B: Creative Workshop

  • Conference delegates have the opportunity to make music in an informal, improvisatory and exploratory session.

Session 7C: Creative Coda (plenary)

  • Charles Mutter performs Jeremy Thurlow’s Ouija, followed by a final performance and discussion arising from the Creative Workshop, led by Jeremy Thurlow, Ewan Campbell and Lucy Downer.