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Friday 5 April 2013

Session 3A: Embodiment

  • Marilyn Wyers
    Shaping phrase: exploring dance movement-supported learning and advanced pianistic-training
  • Linda T. Kaastra and David Kirsh
    Embodied creativity in bassoon performance (text)
  • Murphy McCaleb
    Embodied knowledge: the case of ensemble performance

Session 3B: Belief in performance (CMPCP session)

  • Mary Hunter
    The classical performer’s conception of self
  • Daniel Leech-Wilkinson and Helen Prior
    Heuristics for expressive performance (text; slides)
  • Victoria Tzotzkova
    Permanence and transience: musings on creative practice, classical music performance, and the ‘work-concept’ through the lens of critical ethnography
  • Stephen Emmerson
    Re-imagining the Goldbergs

Session 3C: Practice, rehearsal, experimentation

  • Mieko Kanno
    The art of combinatoriality
  • Amanda Bayley and Beth Elverdam
    Rehearsal as creative process (text; slides)
    (Third String Quartet by Michael Finnissy © Oxford University Press 2012. Extracts reproduced by permission. All rights reserved.)
  • Alfonso Benetti Jr
    Expressivity and musical performance: practice strategies for pianists (text)
  • Darla Crispin
    A capture en passant? Of Arnold Schoenberg’s creative ‘gambits’ in his keyboard works as a locus for the emergence of new epistemic things

Session 4A: Reading notation, scores, works

  • Paulo de Assis
    On the epistemic complexity of musical ‘works’
  • Richard Hoadley
    Live, algorithmically generated notation, creativity and performance (slides)
  • Per Dahl
    Music reading as creative practice in music performance (text)

Session 4B: Modelling touch

  • Naomi Waltham-Smith
    Modelling touch in musical performance using the iPad

Session 4C: Analysis and/or performance

  • Elaine Chew
    The tipping point analogy for musical timing slides (slides; video)
  • John Paul Ito
    Performing metrical dissonance

Session 4D: Auditory streaming

  • Edward Wickham, Christopher Fox, Sarah Hawkins, Antje Heinrich and The Clerks
    Special session: Studies in auditory streaming

Session 4E: Experiencing sound

  • Julie Brown
    Kinema and/or concert hall (slides)
  • Lynda Paul
    The performance of virtual tourism: sonic shaping of simulated worlds

Session 4F: Electronic/electroacoustic music

  • Jean Penny, Valerie Ross and Andrew Blackburn
    Electroacoustic music as intercultural exploration: synergies of breath in extended western flute and Malaysian nose flute playing (text)
  • Sean Williams
    LLEAPP workshops in collaborative creative practice