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Friday 18 July 2014

Session 3A: Listener perspectives

Session 3B: Perspectives on musical creativity (Part 1)

  • Juniper Hill
    Economic motivators and inhibitors of musical creativity (text)
  • Anthony Gritten
    Underneath creative performance

Session 3C: Composer/performer collaborations (CMPCP session)

  • Andrew Robson
    Beyond Brigg Fair: music making with Grainger’s ghosts (text; slides)
  • David Gorton and Peter Sheppard Skærved
    The Exchange Project: distributed creativity as artistic strategy
  • Eric Clarke and Mark Doffman
    New work, old instruments: At His Majesty’s Pleasure – Martyn Harry and His Majesty’s Sagbutts and Cornetts (slides)
  • Tom Armstrong and Jane Chapman
    Inside the box: performing, composing and devising in music theatre

Session 3D: Ensemble performance

  • Edward Klorman
    Multiple agency and the performance of Classical-era chamber music
  • Caroline Waddington
    Creativity in ensemble performance: a case of intense co-performer empathy (text)
  • Amanda Bayley
    Analysis of cross-cultural collaborations with the Kronos Quartet
  • Stephen Marotto
    Interpreting the extra-musical: temperature and gender markings in Jonathan Harvey’s second string quartet

Session 4A: Perspectives on musical creativity (Part 2)

  • Sarah Day-O’Connell
    Creative fidelity: insights on musical performance via translation theory
  • Catarina Leite Domenici and Alan Taylor
    Beyond the work-concept: a case study of shared authorship in music (text)
  • Simone Heilgendorff and Luis Velasco-Pufleau
    New Music Festivals as laboratory of musical creativity: a comparative perspective on Warsaw Autumn, Festival d’Automne in Paris, and Wien Modern (slides)
  • Zheng Yuan
    Creativity in piano performance and pedagogy: perspectives from Chinese pianists and teachers

Session 4B: The recital

  • Michael Halliwell
    Re-imagining the song recital
  • Francesca Placanica and Douglas Gould
    Arranging and performing Recital I (for Cathy): a practice-led approach to twentieth-century monodrama
  • Stephen Emmerson
    To bE: a contemplation

Session 4C: Historical performance

  • Ana Lombardía
    Re-creating lost music: José Herrando’s Tocattas in performance
  • Andrew Lawrence-King
    A seicento sense of humour: wine, women and song in La Morte d’Orfeo
  • Alan Maddox
    Performing the operatic storm topos in eighteenth-century Italian sacred music

Session 4D: Research reports

  • Marcos Araújo
    Entering in flow state during practice through self-regulated behaviour: an exploratory study
  • Jian Yang and Haishen Yu
    Big Data and the shaping of music: an online platform for musical performance studies (text; slides)
  • Argibel Euba-Ugarte
    Ttakun: approaching txalaparta performance