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Workshop 4: 1 June 2013

Global perspectives on the ‘orchestra’: Workshop 4

Thinking about comparative research, global histories and cultural exchange through orchestras

Institute of Musical Research, University of London, 1 June 2013

Workshop timetable

The fourth workshop in the ‘Global perspectives on the “orchestra”‘ project took place at the Institute of Musical Research, University of London on 1 June 2013. It focused on renewed theoretical interests in comparison and especially looked at cultural exchanges in both historical and contemporary contexts, and comparative methods as a way of researching global histories. These issues were considered through orchestras, as well as musical practices more generally. The workshop aimed to share insights from both practitioner and researcher perspectives.

Issues discussed included:

  • ways of being a musician
  • Tamil film music and popular culture
  • the ABRSM
  • research on the African-Brazilian musical bow berimbau.

The workshop concluded with a panel discussion.