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Workshop 2: 6 September 2010

Shaping music in performance: Workshop 2

Exploring qualitative research methods

King’s College London, 6 September 2010

Workshop timetable

This workshop forms part of the CMPCP ‘Shaping Music in Performance’ Project. One of the current approaches of the project is intended to explore the thoughts of expert performing musicians concerning the ways in which they use the idea of ‘shape’ when preparing for performance. The array of qualitative research methods available to us have their own advantages and disadvantages, some of which are apparent, and some of which are not. This workshop is intended partly to help us to understand these advantages and disadvantages in greater detail. Additionally, only some of these techniques are used in musical research: consequently, we hope to ascertain whether there are good reasons for the exclusion of methods that are not currently used, and to raise our awareness of potentially valuable, but currently underused, techniques.

By gathering together experts in the social sciences and in music who are aware of a wide range of rigorous research methods, we hope to ascertain which method(s) would be most appropriate for us. We also hope that the workshop will be beneficial to others interested in exploring qualitative research methods in music research, and therefore welcome postgraduate students and other researchers to attend.

Material from Workshop II:

Presenters who used PowerPoint have kindly agreed for their slides to be made available online. Notes summarising the day’s contents are provided here.

Helen Prior (née Daynes) – Music and Shape

Raymond MacDonald – Qualitative Methods in Music Psychology Research

Jonathan A. Smith – Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA)

Lynne Cameron – Metaphor Analysis

Terry Clark – IPA in music research

David Collins – Protocol analysis in music research