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Sunday 20 July 2014

Session 7A: The intercultural and the virtual

  • Jean Penny
    Unravelling intercultural knowledge through performative contexts: an insider’s account
  • Vincent Meelberg
    The musical performativity of a cursor: embodied creativity in performing with music software (text)
  • Freya de Mink
    Prodigies within the virtual world of YouTube (text)

Session 7B: Orchestral performance (CMPCP session)

  • Katharine Parton
    Object-directed gesture as epistemic stance: a case study of orchestral conductor interaction with the printed musical score during rehearsal
  • Mekala Padmanabhan
    Creative practices and narrative significance: keyboard instruments in Tamil film orchestras
  • Eldad Tsabary
    Whatever works: musical communication in the context of interdisciplinary, networked laptop orchestra (slides)

Session 7C: Performance analysis

  • Elad Liebman, Eitan Ornoy and Benny Chor
    A phylogenetic approach to music performance analysis
  • Katerina Kosta and Oscar Bandtlow
    Dynamics in performance as context-dependent
  • Sylvain Caron, Caroline Traube and Sebastien Bel
    Comparative analysis of expressive timing variations in eleven performances of a Scarlatti sonata

Session 7D: Plenary session

  • Andrew Blackburn, Jeremy Thurlow and Daniel Halford
    Ceci n’est pas une pipe – human, mechanical, digital; treachery and collaboration