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1 October 2013
CMPCP releases film ‘Passionate about Performance’
The AHRC Research Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice has released a 15-minute film about its work entitled ‘Passionate about Performance’. Produced by Nicola Barranger and commissioned by the Centre with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the film can be viewed on the YouTube channels of the University of Cambridge (click here) and the AHRC (click here). A news article has been published by the University of Cambridge to mark the release of the film on the fourth anniversary of CMPCP’s launch in October 2009; it focuses on the ‘Creative learning’ project in particular.

10 September 2013
Performance Studies Network Third International Conference 17-20 July 2014
The Performance Studies Network’s Third International Conference will be held at the University of Cambridge from 17 to 20 July 2014. The main conference events will take place at the Faculty of Music and delegates will be accommodated at nearby Robinson College, where other events will also take place on the Sunday morning. On 19 July there will be a keynote session consisting of an open rehearsal and a concert presented by performers from the Academy of Ancient Music; the conference programme will also feature sessions curated by CMPCP project leaders. The conference dinner will be held in the sixteenth-century Hall at St John’s College, along with a pre-dinner reception in the Combination Room. Click here for further information.

5 September 2013
Jane Chapman becomes Affiliate Artist of CMPCP
The harpsichordist Jane Chapman has joined CMPCP as an Affiliate Artist. Professor of Harpsichord at the Royal College of Music, Jane has premiered over 200 new works, collaborating with innovative composers, artists and performers. She recently participated in the CMPCP/IMR Performance/Research seminar series.

12 August 2013
Phase 4 Visiting Fellowships awarded
Two Visiting Fellows will be joining CMPCP in the fourth phase of its fellowships programme.

Dr Paul Archbold (Institute of Musical Research) will be attached to the Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, where his research will focus on techniques of audiovideo capture and direction as applied to the study of musical performance.

Stevie Wishart (composer and performer) will be based in the Faculty of Music at the University of Cambridge over a period of three months. She intends to introduce a research strand into a forthcoming commission for the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, using insights from historically informed performance within the context of newly created work.

5 July 2013
Britten Sinfonia musicians appointed as CMPCP Affiliate Artists
Six members of the Britten Sinfonia – Nicholas Daniel, Caroline Dearnley, Claire Finnimore, Alexandra Reid, Jacqueline Shave and Lucy Wakeford – have joined CMPCP’s roster of distinguished Affiliate Artists. The six musicians participated in the Keynote Session at CMPCP’s Performance Studies Network International Conference in April 2013, presenting an open rehearsal and workshop prior to giving a concert for conference delegates. This was followed by an open forum involving members of the audience.

5 July 2013
PSN 2013 online resource goes ‘live’
Select presentations from the Second International Conference of CMPCP’s Performance Studies Network have now been released for viewing or downloading. To access the Online Resource click on the following links: Thursday 4 April 2013; Friday 5 April 2013; Saturday 6 April 2013; Sunday 7 April 2013.

6 June 2013
CMPCP welcomes three new Associates
Dr Juniper Hill, Dr Monique Ingalls and Dr Jeremy Thurlow have recently become CMPCP Associates in recognition of their ongoing contributions to the work of the AHRC Research Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice. Dr Hill has had an advisory role in the Creative learning project, while Dr Ingalls is currently undertaking fieldwork in connection with the project on Shaping music in performance. Dr Thurlow has composed a number of works commissioned by the project on Creative practice in contemporary concert music, in addition to which he has helped to direct the Total Performance Event at the PSN Conference in July 2011 and the Creative Workshop at the conference in April 2013. CMPCP is delighted to welcome all three to the Centre’s expanding research team.

22 May 2013
Richard Goode: Piano masterclass featuring student pianists from the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge
The distinguished American pianist Richard Goode gave a masterclass at the University of Cambridge on 18 May 2013. This event was presented by CMPCP and the Cambridge Faculty of Music in association with Cambridge Summer Recitals. During the masterclass Richard Goode worked with three pianists: Jâms Coleman (Beethoven: Concerto in C minor Op. 37), Sasha Valeri Millwood (Beethoven: Sonata in C minor Op. 13 ‘Pathétique’), and Cameron Richardson-Eames (Beethoven: Sonata in F minor Op. 57 ‘Appassionata’). A poster advertising the event is available here.

15 April 2013
Fourth phase of Visiting Fellowship programme announced
CMPCP is now seeking applications for the fourth phase of its Visiting Fellowship programme. Visiting Fellowships are offered on a competitive basis to musicologists, musicians and those working in cognate fields from the UK and overseas who wish to spend up to three months undertaking collaborative research at any one of the Centre’s partner institutions. Further details can be found here. For information about past and present Visiting Fellows click here.

11 April 2013
AHRC launches fourth CMPCP case study
A fourth CMPCP case study has been released on the AHRC website. The article, which focuses on the ‘Creative learning and “original” music performance’ project, can be found here.

20 March 2013
Further details released of second PSN International Conference
CMPCP’s second Performance Studies Network International Conference will be held at the University of Cambridge from Thursday 4 April to Sunday 7 April 2013. The definitive programme is available here. Abstracts and other information will be available on the site before Easter. The keynote session by the Britten Sinfonia will consist of an interactive open rehearsal of several pieces which will then be performed in a concert for conference delegates, followed by discussion amongst the performers. The conference dinner at St John’s College on Friday 5 April will feature a musical ‘coda’ which should be a highlight of the entire event.

18 March 2013
AHRC releases third CMPCP case study
The AHRC has published its third CMPCP case study. The article focuses on the ‘Global perspectives on the “orchestra”‘ project and can be seen here.

25 February 2013
Oxford University Press to publish new CMPCP book series
Oxford University Press has agreed to publish a new five-book series entitled ‘Studies in Musical Performance as Creative Practice’. John Rink will act as Series Editor. Details of the five books are as follows:

  • Musicians in the Making: Pathways to Creative Performance, edited by John Rink, Helena Gaunt and Aaron Willamon
  • Creativity, Improvisation and Collaboration: Perspectives on the Performance of Contemporary Music, edited by Eric Clarke and Mark Doffman
  • Music and Shape, edited by Daniel Leech-Wilkinson and Helen Prior
  • Global Perspectives on Orchestras: Essays on Collective Creativity and Social Agency, edited by Tina K. Ramnarine
  • Music as Creative Practice, by Nicholas Cook.

The four edited volumes respectively correspond to the research projects being undertaken by CMPCP (see here for further information); they will feature the work of members of the CMPCP team as well as that of external contributors. These volumes will be published in 2015, as will Nicholas Cook’s monograph, which also will draw upon the outcomes of the CMPCP projects.

20 February 2013
AHRC launches second CMPCP case study
A second CMPCP case study has been published on the AHRC website. The article, which focuses on the ‘Shaping music in performance’ project, can be found here. Articles about the other projects will follow shortly. See here for the inaugural case study on ‘The creative practice of musical performance’.

31 January 2013
Phase 3 Visiting Fellowships awarded
Two Visiting Fellows will be joining CMPCP in the third phase of its fellowships programme.

Dr Mekala Padmanabhan (an independent scholar and a diploma examiner in Music for the International Baccalaureate Organisation, Cardiff, UK) will be attached to the Department of Music, Royal Holloway, University of London, where her research will be focused on keyboard instruments in Tamil Film Music Orchestras. She will commence her Visiting Fellowship in April 2013.

Dr Nicolas Donin (IRCAM, Paris) will be based for two months in the Faculty of Music at the University of Oxford, where he will work with the ‘Creative practice in contemporary concert music’ team on the ethnography of contemporary concert music-making. His Visiting Fellowship will begin in May 2013.

1 January 2013
AHRC launches first CMPCP case study
The AHRC has undertaken to publish a series of case-study articles about CMPCP on its website. The first one, which focuses on CMPCP as a whole, was released recently; articles about the individual research projects will follow in due course. Entitled ‘The creative practice of musical performance’, the inaugural case study can be found here.