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CMPCP in profile

CMPCP’s programme of research involved a wide range of performers as well as scholar-participants at all stages of the academic career cycle. Its work can be summarised as follows:

  • Associated research work was undertaken by Nicholas Cook (Cambridge), who produced a monograph that reflects and synthesises CMPCP’s research findings.
  • Each research project included a set of workshops, with roughly one annual workshop per project.
  • CMPCP hosted an international Performance Studies Network of musicians and scholars drawn from historical and analytical musicology, psychology of music, ethnomusicology, performance pedagogy and composition, and with input from the creative industries. The Performance Studies Network held three major conferences at the University of Cambridge.
  • Three project students undertook doctoral research on topics relevant to CMPCP’s work; studentships were made available to support their research.
  • Visiting Fellowships allowed UK and international scholars to spend study periods of up to three months at the Centre.