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CMPCP outputs primarily intended for musicologists or other performance studies specialists include articles in refereed journals and four edited books, with each project generating at least one article and one book. In addition, Nicholas Cook’s monograph addresses a broad musicological readership as well as readers outside the field with interests in creative practice. The five books will be published by Oxford University Press in 2016 in a series entitled Studies in Musical Performance as Creative Practice (SMPCP). The titles are as follows:

  • Musicians in the Making: Pathways to Creative Performance, ed. John Rink, Helena Gaunt and Aaron Williamon
  • Creativity, Improvisation and Collaboration: Perspectives on the Performance of Contemporary Music, ed. Eric Clarke and Mark Doffman
  • Music and Shape, ed. Daniel Leech-Wilkinson and Helen Prior
  • Global Perspectives on Orchestras: Essays on Collective Creativity and Social Agency, ed. Tina K. Ramnarine
  • Music as Creative Practice (monograph) – Nicholas Cook

Other major outputs include the CMPCP/PSN special issue of the online journal Music Performance Research, workshop reports and three PhD dissertations, as well as public performances and numerous conference presentations. All of these form the core of CMPCP’s dissemination, although additional publications emerged as the research programme developed.

Details of many CMPCP outputs are given in the descriptions of the individual research projects as well as in the lists arranged by project, by research, and by date:

CMPCP also released a fifteen-minute film on YouTube entitled Passionate about Performance. Produced by Nicola Barranger and commissioned by the Centre with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the film can be viewed here.