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The Musical Performance on Record discussion list is a mailing list for the discussion of musical performance as documented by recordings. Topics include the history and analysis of performance style; the technical, social and economic history of recording; discography; performers.

Music and Science Online
An online resource maintained by the RCM Centre for Performance Science in collaboration with the University of London’s Institute of Musical Research, aiming to facilitate understanding and discourse between those whose work lies at the crossroads of music and science. Information on conferences, societies, journals, and research groups in music and science is provided.

PERF-STUD-NET is the email forum of the Performance Studies Network, which was established by CMPCP and is now hosted by the Cambridge Centre for Musical Performance Studies. The Network aims to facilitate interaction between musicians and scholars working across a spectrum of disciplines, to develop an increasingly inclusive and cohesive community of performance studies specialists and other interested parties, and to lay the foundation for continuing dialogue and collaboration into the future. PERF-STUD-NET is open to anyone who wishes to exchange ideas and be kept informed about performance-related research, events and activities taking place around the world.

PRIMO (Practice as Research in Music Online)
PRIMO (Practice as Research in Music Online) is an online repository for musical research in sound and vision hosted by the Institute of Musical Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London. PRIMO is a cumulative research archive. It contains audio and video files of performances, lecture-recitals, demonstrations, workshops, rehearsals and improvisations, and allows those interested in practice-based research to engage in a new creative dialogue. PRIMO is subscription-free, peer-reviewed, and managed on behalf of the community by the Institute of Musical Research.